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Wimbledon Winners: What’s Happened Since A Brit Last Won The Men’s Singles? (Free Infographic)

No British man has won Wimbledon sinceĀ Fred Perry completed his hat-trick of titles back in 1936. Since then the world has become a very different place.

Here we start at the 1970s, plotting every Wimbledon winner against major events in history to show just what a different world we lived in back then.

We’ve taken a look back over the last 40+ years at how the world has changed since a Brit last lifted the coveted men’s trophy, to highlight just how long it’s been since we had a home-grown winner. As you can see, we’re well overdue – so let’s hope that 2013 is our year!

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Wimbledon Winners


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Andy Murray is once again Britain’s great hope for a men’s singles winner this year – grab your Wimbledon tickets today to watch him in action.

Wimbledon Winners