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Archive: Nov 2012

Bribery Act? Indulge in the Strawberries and Cream with Glee

The Bribery Act: “Bona fide hospitality which seeks to improve the image of a commercial organisation or establish cordial relations is recognised as an established and important part of doing business and it is not the intention of the Act to criminalise such behaviour” In the following statement, Richard Alderman, Director of the SFO reminded […]

ATP Tennis Finals; Novak Djokovic Rules The World

ATP Tennis Finals; Novak Djokovic Rules The World By Mark Ryan (Mail on Sunday’s Reporting Team) What do you get when you combine superb technique, frightening will-power and brutal, animal strength?   Novak Djokovic.   It’s no joke, as Roger Federer found out on Monday night.  The Serbian finished top of the pile, completing an even better […]

Defeat is Good for Andy Murray

Andy Murray was put in his place by Roger Federer in the the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. Good thing too. There can be no argument about a 7-6, 6-2 semi-final defeat for the high-flying Brit. We all know exactly where Andy stands. No confusion. No false claims. The defeat only confirmed what I suggested […]

Roger Federer; Britain Loves You

Roger Federer’s wonderful semi-final victory over Andy Murray at the O2 Arena reminded us of two things: there is life in the old dog yet…and he still commands a huge, loving fan base in London and beyond. So no one felt sad as Federer out-thought Murray to win 7-6, 6-2  and set up a mouth-watering […]