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That impossible backhand did everything Nadal is back – big-time

Match Reviews

May 21, 2013

By the way Rafael Nadal brought down The Fed (6-1, 6-3) in the Rome final makes you wonder what is best for the Swiss genius and lovers of the perfection he once displayed. This would of course be unfair as what was demonstrated here was the Spaniard at his most sublime – the treatment metered […]

Anyone betting against Serena Williams for a Roland Garros and Wimbledon twin triumphs?

Locker Room

May 20, 2013

Better check out a video of her win in Rome, then! Truly incredible!- 41 winners on clay to swipe aside Victoria Azarenka? And then Serena had another little victory – she spoke to the Roman crowd in fluent Italian, drawing rapturous applause for her bravery. The Roman public adored her for it. How many players […]

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