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Anyone betting against Serena Williams for a Roland Garros and Wimbledon twin triumphs?

Better check out a video of her win in Rome, then!

Truly incredible!- 41 winners on clay to swipe aside Victoria Azarenka?

And then Serena had another little victory – she spoke to the Roman crowd in fluent Italian, drawing rapturous applause for her bravery.
The Roman public adored her for it. How many players would try to do something like that? Some people think Serena is too confident – she clearly feels at home among the warm Italians in their capital – and I can only compliment her taste.

Even Azarenka had to smile at the end of her 6-1, 6-3 drubbing. She didn’t look too disappointed because she accepted that Serena is different class.

Anyone think Serena is moving up to the level of a legend such as Martina Navratilova? Different eras, different styles, and Martina was probably the more complete player. But if she had come up against Serena’s brutal power, she might have struggled like the rest of them.

I don’t see anything or anyone stopping Serena from taking the French Open and Wimbledon Singles titles this year.