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Federer In A Kilt…And Murray Is Back

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November 8, 2017

Roger Federer and Andy Murray played tennis for the sheer joy if it in Glasgow; and thrilled 11,000 fans on a riotous night of fun.

One of those fans even took her kilt off, so that Federer could play a game wearing it. He promptly won that game with ease, on the way to a 6-3, 3-6, 10-6 (tie-break) victory over his host.

Later Federer claimed he had felt naked after having to take the kilt off again.


As for Murray, who wore  ginger wig for the last few points of the deciding tie-break, the match was also all about testing out that troublesome hip of his.

He seemed to pass with flying colours; and produced some moments of magic in the second set, passing the Wimbledon champion on a number of memorable occasions.

Although Murray displayed a bit of ring-rust, he still looks as though he will be able to play serious tennis again in the New Year.


And that’s great news for Wimbledon fans, who want to see the two-time champion back to his very best at the All England Club this summer.

Federer stole the show in Glasgow, though. He let slip in a mid-match interview with Annabel Croft that he would be happy to don a kilt if anyone in the crowd had one.

Within minutes he had to make good on his promise, as a middle-aged lady obliged. Roger showed what a terrific sport he is, and soon had his audience n raptures.


The crowd were in fits of laughter, as a grinning Federer got used to his kilt with some exaggerated  comic stretches. He gave up on a futile attempt to reach a tennis ball inside the pocket of his shorts.

The great man showed remarkable flexibility in his new attire, and still proved too much for Murray during that unforgettable game.

Maybe, if the truth be told, Andy was always going to be allowed to win the second set. But we saw enough good things from the Brit to suggest he might be back for real in early 2018.


‘I hope I’m there [in Australia], things have been going pretty well in rehab but you take each week as it comes,’ said a delighted Murray cautiously.

‘I was pleased to see Andy paying so well,’ said Roger. ‘that lady took her kilt off for me to wear,’ he added, laughing, ‘and later I felt naked without it.’

What did this unique evening tell us about our tennis heroes? That they are great people as well as great players. They have big hearts, a huge rapport with the fans, and they deserve the waves of love they receive from all over the world.


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