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Miss Angry crushed by Miss Angrier

Locker Room

September 2, 2013

Did you see the way Serena Williams put away Sloane Stephens? In the big grudge match there was only ever going to be one winner.

Though Stephens battled bravely, especially in the first set, she doesn’t have the inner anger possessed by Serena.

The younger woman was apparently upset that Serena had ‘unfollowed her’ on twitter. ‘You don’t do that,’ she said with some annoyance.

But no one tells Serena what to do and what not to do. Was Williams going to be bad-mouthed by the new kid on the block and then lose to her at the US Open? Impossible. From the first point – Serena’s ace – you knew how it would end.

Stephens is heading for the very top – but her time hasn’t quite come.

Still, it was great theatre. And the angrier woman came out on top.

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