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Top Five Most Dramatic Moments From Wimbledon 2017

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July 25, 2017

Didn’t you just adore the action-packed drama of Wimbledon 2017?

The dream came true for Roger Federer. Also rolling back the years was the remarkable Venus Williams. Rafael Nadal was involved in a genuine epic.

The Wimbledon crowds had a new British star to cheer in Jo Konta, and the women’s tennis was often even more ferocious than the men’s!

With all that in mind, here are our top five moments, in reverse order, from a Wimbleodn 2017 we will cherish and never forget.

5/ Fabio Fognini’s audacious comeback against Andy Murray

The Italian more than played his part in a stunning contest on the first Friday. Fognini’s “stand-and-deliver” strokeplay was truly spectacular, and at times it seemed as though he would get the better of the British favourite. In the end Murray won through 6-2, 4-6, 6-1, 7-5. But the set Fognini won was breathtaking for the underdog’s superb skills and sheer audacity.

4/ Jo Konta’s spectacular tie-break against Simona Halep

Having lost the first-set tie-break emphatically, Jo Konta simply had to win the shoot-out at the end of the second. The tension was thick on Centre Court during this key moment of the quarter-final, as Konta pulled out one winner after another to win the breaker 7-5. From that moment, we sensed she would take the match and sure enough she prevailed 6-4 in the third. A marvellous occasion.

3/ Garbine Muguruza’s set-point defensive epic in final

It is easy to forget, given the 6-0 second-set drubbing Muguruza gave the brave Venus Williams, what an epic first set they played. And no moment was more dramatic than a 19-shot rally on set point, when a super-charged Venus looked certain to take control of the match. But Muguruza simply refused to be beaten, sprawling and stretching on the baseline to reach seemingly impossible defensive blocks before finally coming out on top. Truly amazing stuff.

2/ Gilles Muller defeats Rafael Nadal 15-13 in final set

Who says No1 Court doesn’t see the best of the action? Yes, many of you will say this should have been ranked the most dramatic moment of all. And every second of that final set was mesmerising. Plenty of us thought Rafael Nadal might win Wimbledon, so impressive was his form all year. But Gilles Muller simply refused to buy into that dream, or allow himself to be bullied by the pugnacious Spaniard. Muller mixed supreme fitness with awesome shot-making…and finally Nadal had to give in to the better man, as the light faded on an unforgettable battle.

1/ Roger Federer wins his eighth Wimbledon title as Cilic sobs.

Now do you see why we had to relegate the Nadal-Muller epic to number two? Remember, the very idea of Roger Federer winning Wimbledon again seemed preposterous at the start of the year. After six months out, how could he? Then, conversely, Federer ended up having to deal with the enormous weight of expectation at Wimbledon 2017. But he relaxed and performed to supreme levels in the showpiece match. A blister and the knowledge that he couldn’t match his opponent was too much for Cilic, who wept tears of despair. In that moment, we knew Federer had made history. It doesn’t get more dramatic than that!

So there it is, our top five. You will of course have magical moments of your own to cherish, and think we have left out some of the best. It is all so subjective. But one thing is for sure. Wimbledon 2018 will offer up just as many dramatic moments of unbelievable quality, powered by elements of sporting surprise and extreme human emotion.

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