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Top Ten Moments From Wimbledon 2019


July 15, 2019

We will all treasure our favourite moments from this dramatic and uplifting Wimbledon 2019.

There were so many magical days and we hope your own special memory features on our list. If it doesn’t, we apologise in advance and appreciate this is so subjective.

But here are our top ten. We hope you booked with us and were able to enjoy one or two of these moments in person.

And if our joyful list tempts you to book your precious Wimbledon tickets with WDH for next year, we will be only too happy to meet your needs.

Here goes. In reverse order:

10. Konta Beats Kvitova.

The courageous way Jo Konta battled back to beat two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova 4-6, 6-2, 6-4 was so impressive and inspirational. All of Jo’s best qualities were on show. Resilience, determination, the ability to bounce back when the chips were down.

9. Andy Murray Wins With Pierre-Hugues Herbert.

It was so great to see Andy Murray back playing competitive tennis at Wimbledon with his talented new doubles partner. And enjoying the match so much with Herbert too. They stormed back to beat Marius Copil and Ugo Humbert 4-6, 6-1, 6-4, 6-0 to thrill the crowds.

8. Coco Gauff Beats Venus Williams.

We think we know what you will say. Why isn’t this higher on the list? But remember the story got even better! Even so, it was incredible for 15-year-old Cori “Coco” Gauff to beat 39-year-old Venus Williams – one of her idols – 6-4, 6-4. The world took note and loved her immediately.

7. Rafael Nadal Beats Nick Kyrgios.

This was hero beating anti-hero in a tense psychological thriller. Kyrgios complained at the time Nadal was taking between points and got under Rafa’s skin to level in sets. But he couldn’t claim the biggest points of all and some will say the good guy won in the end.

6. Simona Halep Wins And Then Charms Wimbledon.

Which was better? The near-faultless final performance or the victory speech? That fizzing forehand winner, taken high on the bounce, to go 5-1 in the first set?

Or Simona’s revelation that she did it to fulfil her mum’s dream and to get life-membership at the All England Club? Halep had us laughing and crying. What a star.

5. Andy Murray and Serena Williams Win First Match On Centre Court. 

The dream team, Murena, Ser Andy, call them what you will. But they provided one of the most enduring and joyful memories of Wimbledon 2019.

In their first appearance, they laughed and joked as they beat Alexa Guarachi and Andreas Mies 6-4, 6-1. The chemistry was there for all to see. Pure tennis theatre.

4. Roger Federer Conjures The Shot of the Tournament.

Yes, we are devoting this lofty ranking to one shot by Roger Federer. No, not one of his many remarkable winners against Nadal. We are honouring the one everyone seems to have forgotten. The impossible chase and out wide against Lucas Pouille.

Even a desperate defensive lunge would have been heroic. But Federer, with a magical flick of his racquet, fizzed a cross-court winner so acute that it simply defied physics and basic sporting belief.

3. Coco Gauff’s Amazing Centre Court Comeback.

This may be many people’s favourite moment of them all. Trailing 3-6 and 2-5, fighting off two match points, the fifteen-year-old searched for any kind of foothold against Polona Hercog. She found one.

And then, to the world’s delight, Coco showed that she isn’t just super-talented, she has an immeasurable fighting spirit too. By the time she won that match, we all knew how special she is. A future champion for sure.

2. Federer Beats Nadal

We have seen Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal before in recent years. But not for a very long time at Wimbledon, where they hadn’t even played since Nadal won that epic in the dark back in 2008. So this was truly special You had to remind yourself that Federer will be 38 next month.

His tennis was out of this world. Once he had recovered from a min-burnout in the second set, he subdued the great warrior Nadal with a mindblowing array of shots to win 7-6 (7-3), 1-6, 6-3, 6-4. Nothing beats Fed in full flow.

1. Djokovic Beats Federer In Epic Final.

How can anything else be voted the very best moment of Wimbledon? It gave us nearly five hours of unparalleled quality and drama from the two greatest grass court players in the world.

The match had everything. Match points for Federer. A desperate dive from Djokovic to avoid the threat of oblivion. And the first 12-12 tie-break in a showpiece. This was tennis at its very best. Wimbledon at its very best.

The 2019 Championships kept on giving until the very end.

So there we are. Can you remember a Wimbledon this rich in drama?

It will take some beating. How lucky we were to be part of this. We hope we helped you to be part of this too.

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