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What are Wimbledon debentures?

Debentures are issued every five years and bestow the right to a ticket to every day of the Championship. The Debenture holders have the best seats at Wimbledon. 2,500 Centre Court Debenture holders receive tickets for club level seats for each day of tournament, giving them an unrivalled experience of the greatest tennis championship in the world.

Debenture tickets are also issued for Court No1 for the first ten days of the tournament.

What are the perks of being a Wimbledon debenture holder?

Both Centre Court and Court No. 1 debentures allow fans exclusive access to the debenture lounges, bars and restaurants, as well as the debenture holders’ car park. Not to mention, debenture holders get ‘best view’ seats to watch the best tennis players in the world compete for the most prestigious prize in the game!

How is the money from debentures used?

The money raised from debenture sales has paid for a number of improvements to the facilities, including the Centre Court roof. The All England Lawn Tennis Ground plc. uses funds from debenture sales to offset the considerable expense of running the AELTC and The Wimbledon Championships, none of which would be possible without funds generated by debenture holders. A roof is planned for Court No1 for 2019.

How can I become a Wimbledon debenture holder?

In 2014 Centre Court debentures were advertised for the 2016-2020 Championships and applications have now closed. However, debentures for Court No. 1 are expected to be released in 2016, allowing tennis fans to secure seats for the 2017-2021 tournaments.

Information about debentures from the AELTC

Are debenture ticket resales legitimate?

Regular or ballot tickets are not transferable and cannot be sold to third parties. Only debenture tickets are eligible for sale to the public via marketplaces such as WimbledonDebentureHolders.com.

Transfer of tickets to The Championships is strictly controlled.

Wimbledon debentures for sale

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