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Customer Testimonials

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Russell, USA (2023)

I just wanted to let you know that our day at Wimbledon was absolutely wonderful on July 9th. The seats were perfect. My youngest daughter had such a great time that she convinced me to wait in the "queue" another day that week! We hope to make this an annual trip to Wimbledon going forward. Thanks again!

Gretchen, USA (2023)

What a final!! so glad we were able to go after all. Thank you for all your help with her ticketing and feel reservations at this year's championships. It was great!

Mohammad, India (2023)

Hi team, It was wonderful working with all of you to secure tickets for our clients in 2023, who proceeded to have a wonderful time at the Wimbledon Tournament.I am reaching out to you in hopes of securing tickets for the 2024 Wimbledon Grand Slam that will enable us to send a lot more tennis fans to watch the tournament next season.It would be lovely if I could receive guidance on how I can go about this, looking forward to hearing from you and working together.

Michael, LA, USA (2023)

We had a terrific day at Wimbledon. Thanks for all your guidance and suggestions for helping us navigate our first-time attendance. My Husband enjoyed his birthday "gift" enormously. Thank you again for your time and courtesy.

Eyal, Israel, (2023)

You are the best !!I have just spoken with my father and he ask me to tell you "thank you very much for the excellent service you gave him/me", So I am passing this message to you, I do not think that we will speak again because this is a one life time present and frankly I do not think my kids will do the same. Thanks again for everything

Nikola, Prague, Czech Republic, (2023)

Thank you for your email. I confirm that I have received an email from Wimbledon and I can already see the ticket in my Wimbledon account. I am so excited! :-) Thank you very much again for everything.Best regards,

North Carolina, USA, (2023)

Thank you for the attention to detail regarding the tickets. I have successfully received them in the app. We are very much looking forward to this day.

Tiffanie, Virginia, USA (2023)

Thank you so much for making the process easy and informative! We are greatly appreciative of the great seats.

One of our Debenture Holders, (2023)

It is so reassuring to know that the buyers of my debenture tickets have had a lovely time and enjoyed their trip to Wimbledon. For us tennis fans there really is something very special about "the magic of Wimbledon". I attended for a few days in second week and had just the most wonderful time. Many thanks to the team at Wimbledon Debenture Holders for selling my tickets and making all the transactions so easy and straightforward. I look forward to more continued business with you next year. For now, I wish you all, and your families, a lovely and relaxing summer.

One of our Debenture Holders (2023)

We would like to thank you for a very successful 2023 tournament your staff were very helpful and we look forward to selling through you in 2024

One of our Debenture Holders (2023)

It is so reassuring to know that the buyers of my debenture tickets have had a lovely time and enjoyed their trip to Wimbledon. For us tennis fans there really is something very special about 'the magic of Wimbledon'. I attended for a few days in second week and had just the most wonderful time. Many thanks to the team at Wimbledon Debenture Holders for selling my tickets and making all the transactions so easy and straightforward. I look forward to more continued business with you next year. For now, I wish you all, and your families, a lovely and relaxing summer.

One of our Debenture Holders (2023)

To the whole team, I know you are very busy doing last minute business. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for all our dealings. You have all performed brilliantly and as usual it has been a great pleasure selling all but 10 tickets through you. I hope that you enjoyed at least some of the play.

One of our Debenture Holders (2023)

To the team, thank you for your assistance in getting us tickets this year. The seats were great, exactly as described, and we had a fantastic time. I will certainly be using your service again if we return and referring your company to anyone planning to go. THANKS!!!!

Simon, London, (2022)

Just a quick note to say 'Thank You' for all your help & looking after me in the purchase of these tickets. The process was super easy, the day itself was indescribable & Wimbledon is magical. Look forward to returning in 2023!

Russell, USA, (2022)

The process was exactly as described. The App assigned the proper barcodes the morning of the event. My wife, two daughters and myself had a 'bucket list' experience that day. The weather and venue were beautiful, the tennis was spectacular, and everyone we met was accommodating, especially in the #1 lounge. They took pictures of us and we truly had an amazing day into the evening - thanks again and hope to be back in the future and will certainly book from your service again!

Robert, Quebec, (2022)

Thanks so much. You guys are amazing.

Carrie, UK, (2022)

I can't wait. Thank you! (Purchaser of single ticket)

David, UK, (2022)

We had a great time on centre court yesterday - what a day

Ramsey, UK, (2022)

Just wanted to let you know we have had a brilliant day today.

Gary, Florida, (2022)

I just wanted to thank you. Again and again, your handling of Wimbledon and the debentures has been flawless. Received my debentures in my app today. You should be proud. I will be singing your praises to a few hundred thousand people today on my radio show here in the states.

Michael, South Africa, (2022)

A special thank you to your Team, you have been nothing but professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. Digesting all ...but super super excited. Can't wait to show the tickets to my lovely daughter. She is going to be over the moon.

Svenja, Germany, (2022)

I received the tickets for July 2, 2022, thank you. I am also so much looking forward to seeing some great tennis and experiencing a one-of-a-kind tradition at the AELTC.

One of our Debenture Holders, (2022)

This therefore completes all our sales for 2022 and I just want to repeat my thanks to you all or all your friendly and efficient help - compared with the dark arts of the ticket tout you are a refreshing organization which I enjoy doing business with.

Helen, UK (2021)

We had a wonderful day. Lunch was lovely and in such a nice environment. We were looked after very well. The seats you allocated to us were really good and we enjoyed the tennis very much. Everything as ever was beautifully organised and Wimbledon looked magnificent.

Mark, UK, (2021)

I wanted to take time to thank you for all of your support and assistance in obtaining a single ticket for me and on my preferred date. I can only imagine the challenges involved especially with the new changes and restrictions. You were very prompt to respond to all of my inquiries and very thorough which reassured me throughout the process. I enjoyed my time at Wimbledon and hope to visit again soon! Again, thank you for everything.

John, UK, (2021)

Can I give a huge 'thank you' to everyone for your efforts on my behalf over the last few days. The ticket pick-up went totally as planned we had a fabulous day. Your efforts were matched by the courtesy, kindness and genuine friendliness of everyone in the Debentures facilities. If only all the other Customer Service people that we all have to deal with on a daily basis were as easy to deal with. No chance, but thank you again for your time and willingness to help.

Nicky, London, UK (2020)

A belated note to confirm that the refund has been received. Many thanks for the efficient way that you have handled this and I look forward to Wimbledon next year.

Tom, Kent, UK (2020)

Many thanks for your email and the refund, which I acknowledge. Whilst writing, I would like to take this opportunity to say "thanks" as your service and customer approach, has been exceptional in these exceptional times. I look forward to utilising your services in the hopefully not too distant future.

Ann, Minnesota, USA (2020)

We have received the email and am verifying receipt of the refund. Thank you for your prompt attention to this and professional handling of this during a very difficult time., Hopefully, we can rebook for 2021!

Anne USA (2020)

First off, we would like to thank you for your AMAZING customer service and attention. We would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the ticket holders who gave us a refund for our purchase; we appreciate that they considered the hardships brought on by COVID-19 and were gracious enough to refund our tickets. After careful consideration we have decided to take the refund. We are hoping to try again next year and will without a doubt use your company again. Thank you again, it has been pleasure working with you and we are looking forward to working with you in the future.

Jesse, NSW, Australia (2020)

My thanks again and I acknowledge your email. You've been excellent to deal with during these difficult times. I will certainly book with you next year if I am able to make it to London in 2021.

Rena, London (2019)

I received my tickets! Thank you very very much! The seats are excellent and my husband is very very pleased. Many many thanks for all of your help, really grateful

Allan Florida, USA (2019)

I just wanted to say Thank you. Our experience at this year's Championships was absolutely amazing. Our debenture seats were great and we met some lovely people sitting around us. It couldn't have been any better. I can promise you when we go back to Wimbledon in the future, we will reach out to you to help craft our next experience at the Championships.

Louise, Kidderminster, UK (2019)

Many thanks for arranging our trip to Wimbledon this year - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The debenture tickets made such a difference - we are ruined for anything else now!

Jacques Western Cape, South Africa (2019)

I am pleased to confirm that I have received my Wimbledon Debenture tickets in good order on 20 June 2019. Thank you very much for your fast and efficient service. It was a pleasure doing business with you (again).

Saludos Mexico (2019)

Terrific! Thanks a lot. Thank you for everything, you work fantastic and have a customer service mindset that is unique!

Badri, Bangalore, India (2019)

Once again, always pleasure doing business! Till next year.

Norman, Chattanooga, USA (2019)

Thank you for once again providing a superior service.

Kazuhito, Tokyo, Japan (2019)

I am glad to inform you that I have received the tickets. Look forward to the games. Thank you for your great support.

Jochen, Dortmund, Germany (2019)

Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Jani, UK (2019)

A massive thank you for my Wimbledon ticket. It was the most extraordinary, exhausting epic game I've ever had the privilege of attending. Initially I was slightly apprehensive of attending alone, but I never felt alone for a second. Many thanks to you and the team for making it possible. Please keep in touch, as I would love to do it all again in 2020.

Uwe, Norway (2019)

Thanks for arranging a great day at Wimbledon! You were correct, they did put Federer on Centre Court and the seat at 209 were great! Best regards

Marlina, UK (2019)

Just thought I would send you a big thank you for organising our tickets for yesterday. We had an absolutely lovely time. This year was a one off as a present for my 60th - bucket list

Brazil (2019)

I would like to say thank you for an excellent Wimbledon 2019, it has been a pleasure working together again and I hope we can continue to build our relationship in the coming years. Thank you again for all support.

One of our debenture holders (2019)

I wanted to thank you all for the help that you offered and the very professional handling of the sales of the tickets this year.

Larry, California, USA (2018)

My wife and I are seated at the women’s final and our seats are as spectacular as the tennis has been. Thanks so much for helping us live this dream!

Yung, Florida, USA (2018)

After attending Wimbledon for 2 days: I just want to reiterate our appreciation for the service rendered. We cannot imagine better seating to view the action. My whole family thoroughly enjoyed the venue and matches at Wimbledon. You have an efficient and professional operation. It has been a smooth and painless process to procure the tickets.

Gil, Tel Aviv, Israel (2018)

Would once again like to thank you for your service. We had a wonderful experience this year. Excellent seats.

Aled, Switzerland (2018)

Thanks for the painless and easy experience as always. Had a great day, seats were fantastic.

Thanks again and see you next year I hope!

Neil, Manchester, UK (2018)

Many thanks for great seats Monday and Tuesday. Look forward to next year if you can book me in when ready!

Scott, Australia (2018)

I would just like to thank you all for the lovely communication and service from you all to me over the journey, from my first initial enquires to making a booking and ordering a ticket, to then the actual delivery yesterday by Angus.

Living in Australia it is very hard to try to secure a ticket to Wimbledon and trying to then navigate through different reseller sites can be tricky. I didn't even know what debentures were when looking into buying tickets!

I would thoroughly recommend your site and business to anyone looking into buying premium tickets to Wimbledon.

Janine, South Africa (2018)

I wish to thank you for the amazing seats we had at Wimbledon.  It was like a dream come true. This will definitely not be our last time at Wimbledon. Thank you once again for all your assistance and for making the process so uncomplicated.

We are really looking forward to working with you for the 2019 fortnight.

Werner, Switzerland (2018)

Really looking forward to some great hours of world class Tennis thanks to your outstanding service.

Lynn, Washington, USA (2018)

Thank you so much! I have received them and am so very excited as this will be my first experience at the Championships. I appreciate all the kind assistance of the team there at Wimbledon Debenture Holders.

Paddy, County Wicklow, Eire (2018)

Tickets were received soon after you advised, thank you for an excellent experience from start to finish with all your team and we look forward to purchasing again in 2019.

Susan, Yorkshire, UK (2018)

Thank you for all of your help in securing this ticket for me and making the process so smooth and trouble free. I am so excited to visit Wimbledon this year.

Jessie, North Carolina, USA (2018)

Thank you very much for the excellent communication & efficiency!

Irina, Bedfordshire, UK (2018)

We had a great time and felt looked after at every stage. This made a big contribution to the enjoyment of our day. A big thank you to the team we would highly recommend them and seek their help for 2019.

Dimitrios, Maryland, USA (2018)

My sincerest thanks for helping make a childhood dream come true.

Tim, Cape town, South Africa (2018)

I am delighted and relieved to notify you that our tickets have been safely delivered in Cape Town. Thank you for your complete professionalism and courtesy throughout this process.

Diane, British Colombia, USA (2018)

Just to let you know that the Wimbledon Ticket has arrived. Thank you for all of your assistance with this. You provide a very professional services and have made the entire experience very pleasant.

Doug, Florida, USA (2018)

Thank you for everything. Our day at Wimbledon was fantastic! Next year, we will go on super Monday!

Sanjay, New Jersey, USA (2018)

Thank you for getting us such great seats as well. The whole experience from the time I reached out to you to getting the tickets to the actual day at Wimbledon was flawless.  

One of our Debenture holders (2018)

Can I please ask you to convey my sincere thanks for the considerations and efficiency with which you and all the other ladies with whom I deal always show.

Nigel, London, UK (2017)

I have had some extremely positive feedback from my clients who absolutely loved attending on Monday 10th July. Great seats on centre court, wonderful atmosphere, fabulous day and a bucket list item for them that exceed their expectations.

Many thanks for all of your help facilitating this.

Handan, Switzerland (2017)

We did enjoy our visit to Wimbledon yesterday and although Andy Murray lost we were privileged to watch Roger Federer win in style. I did not think Andy would reach the Final this year in any event so his loss was not a surprise -our main motivation for the day out was to see Roger while he was still playing at his peak. As you said the seats we were allocated did give us first class views so I was concerned unnecessarily.

Danielle, New Jersey, USA (2107)

I wanted to write a note to thank you for the wonderful service and unbelievable tickets. I am happy to report that we made it to London and to Wimbledon for opening day. The venue is so beautiful and intimate, and the debenture services are immaculate and plentiful. The people in the restaurants were so friendly and accommodating. When we finally made it to our seats, we were just blown away. I requested end court seats but I did not expect to be sitting directly behind the player's coaches and family! They were the best seats in the house - no question about that. Amazing. My husband was completely beside himself. He was thrilled and given that it was his 50th birthday gift, it was perfect. There truly could not have been a better gift in a better place on a better day.

We will definitely return to London and to Wimbledon. Thank you very much for everything you did to make this event so wonderful for us!

Doug, Washington DC, USA  (2017)

Now that my wife and I have safely returned to the US and adjusted our body clocks, I wanted to take a minute to thank you and the Debenture’s team for what was an absolutely OUTSTANDING tennis holiday.  Wimbledon was everything we imagined and more; coupled with the fact that we got the opportunity to see three great days of tennis, including a few bonus matches which was the icing on the cake.  I also want to acknowledge the professionalism of your operations…whenever your make travel arrangements online these days one never knows what to expect – is this a scam, will I get what I paid for, what is the level of customer service I can expect…etc. etc.  But let me simply say that you “guys” delivered!  The seats were perfect, the Debenture Lounge access a big plus, the follow-up customer service (including a call to notify us of a change in the start time of the Saturday matches) remarkable; and by-the-way thanks for arrange such great weather (only one day when they had to close the roof).

I suspect this will not be the last time we travel to Wimbledon so expect to hear from us again. I have already steered several of my colleagues to you who expressed an interested going to Wimbledon. You don’t by chance have an operation or affiliate at the French?

Again…thank you for making our 30th Wedding Anniversary trip to Wimbledon one that we will remember for some time to come.

Al, Warrington, UK (2017)

We've just landed home from Wimbledon, and many thanks to you and team for such fabulous seats, and great weekend.

Julie, London, UK (2017)

I would just like to thank you all for your excellent service in dealing with our ticket request. My boss had an extremely enjoyable day and is already looking ahead to next year’s tournament.

Emma, London, UK (2017)

I just wanted to say many thanks for Debentures' service.

I really appreciated my hand delivery of tickets this morning, excellent service. Thank you for all your help and I will definitely be in touch again for next year's championships.

Lynne + John, Cheshire, UK (2017)

Just a line to say the tickets have just been delivered. Can I all so say a very big thank you to you and all your colleagues for the help and great service in this transaction and that we will buy the tickets for Wimbledon next year from yourselves.

Christine, Stafford UK (2017)

I have today received the gift pack and certificate and would like to thank you and the team at Wimbledon debentures for your service.

The gift and experience are really important to me and I have been deliberating for some time on how to proceed. From reviewing your website, to discussing on the telephone and the pack received today have reassured me that I have made the right choice. Thank you to you and the team for your excellent service.

Douglas, Washington D.C., USA (2017)

I confirm receipt of the Debenture tickets which were purchased for 2017 Wimbledon. Let me thank you and the other members of the Debenture team for the excellent service we received. My wife and I are looking forward to the tournament.

Shahara, New York, USA (2017)

I am back from London and Wimbledon. I wanted to send a note to say thank you and to let you know what an excellent job you did in securing my seats for the Ladies Finals. I know you receive many requests for the matches and it can't be easy to fill all the request in just the right way. However, for me, you got it "just right". Our seats were as perfect as they could have been. It just goes to prove the point that the early bird does indeed get the worm.

Thank you so very much for making our trip a big success.

Kuniko, Japan (2017)

I have just get the ticket. Thank you so much!

I didn't know your site, so I doubted you at one time. But finally, this day came. How wonderful marvellous lovely! I cannot say my feeling in English.

Anyway, thank you so much!!

Ian, London, UK (2017)

Many thanks. Tickets received this morning - very efficient as usual! Much looking forward to the day.

Stu, NSW, Australia (2017)

I received the tickets today via Fedex. Many thanks for your excellent service.

Carlos, USA (2016)

I wanted to write to you to express how thrilled we were with the seats you got us for the Wimbledon finals. They were what I consider the best seats in the house.  It was truly an amazing experience for us and one that we will never forget. We will definitely be back and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Peter, Dalkeith, Australia (2016)

Just reporting back that we had a great time at the tennis and really appreciated your communications since the time we decided to obtain tickets through Debentures Ltd.

Exceptional organisation and went extremely smoothly.  Our thanks for everything.  You deserve a promotion!!!!

Daniel, Sydney, Australia (2016)

Firstly can I say that this is our second time, using your marvellous service to get tickets for the best tennis tournament in the world, and the level of customer service supplied by you is outstanding.

Steve, Florida, USA, (2016)

We did safely receive the tickets! Thank you so much for your excellent service.

You have us as customers for life! I am so impressed with the ease of working with you, your responsiveness, and service that I have begun telling friends in the UK about you.

Tom, Illinois, USA (2016)

I just arrived back in the US a few hours ago and wanted to send you and the team a note of thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Wimbledon last Thursday.  The seat and club facilities were fantastic. The clear blue day was a portrait.

Please pass along my thanks to the Debentures team for a great service that was well-executed with short notice!  Everyone I spoke with was courteous, knowledgeable, and prompt.

I hope to utilize your service again, soon.

Christine, Florida, USA (2016)

Sometimes in life, what you know and what you THINK you know are very different. I THOUGHT our tickets looked far away from the courts... and I expressed my disappointment. I was wrong. I apologize.

We loved our seats. We enjoyed Wimbledon so much.

Thank you for your help. Thank you for arranging such a prompt and polite ticket delivery to our hotel. Thank you for not dismissing my feelings, and handling my 'issue' with kindness and information.

Again... we LOVED our Wimbledon experience. Thank you.

Back in Tampa, Florida with wonderful memories.

Heikki, Helsinki, Finland (2016)

We had really nice Wimbledon, excellent seats. Thank you and looking forward to next year!

Iain, London, UK (2016)

Fantastic seats, I have just tweeted. You have surpassed yourselves this year.

Faith, Geneva, Switzerland (2016)

Tickets received with thanks. We are very pleased with how this transaction was handled.   Courtesy, efficiency & professionalism personified. Thanks to the team.

Kenny, Taipai, Taiwan (2016)

Thanks for received your tickets in my office. Thanks again for your excellent service.

Lynn, California, USA (2016)

We have received our tickets. Thank you for all your help and clear communications! We are excited to attend the matches.

Ravi, Uttarakhand, India (2016)

Yes, we have received the tickets within 2 days of your mail. I'd like to thank your entire team for being great help all through, and ensuring timely delivery - much to our relief!

 We look forward to a great experience at Wimbledon.

Jodi, Texas, USA (2016)

I just wanted to confirm that I have received the tickets!  Thank you so much for being so communicative and for keeping us updated through each step.  We can't wait for our first Wimbledon experience!

James, West Yorkshire, UK (2016)

Thank you for the confirmation and can say how unbelievably helpfully you were and a complete pleasure to deal with. Thank you very much.

John, Turks and Caicos Islands (2016)

I have returned after a most enjoyable day at Centre Court for the Ladies final. I was able to pick up my tickets without any problems. My seats were absolutely perfect and exactly what I requested. I was impressed from day one with the speedy and efficient response and attention to detail throughout. Although I can now check this off my bucket list if Serena continues to do well I may very well visit Centre Court again next summer. Once again I wish to thank all those who assisted me in the debenture ticket process.

Gary, New Jersey, USA (2015)

Thanks to all for your help during the entire process of purchasing the tickets. Emails were returned promptly, the wire transfer was processed successfully, and information regarding the shipping of the tickets was very helpful. I would highly recommend your company to anybody wishing to buy tickets to Wimbledon in the future. We are looking forward to attending this event. Again, thanks to all for their help!

Lu Ann, California, USA (2015)

Thank you, I received the tickets today. Your frequent communication throughout the process has been outstanding and greatly appreciated.

Lynne, Wrexham, UK (2015)

Many thanks once again to your company for excellent customer service, this is my third year now for Debenture tickets from yourselves, thank you.

Scott, New Jersey, USA (2015)

Thank you for your help. We were at The Championships yesterday and everything about the day exceeded our expectations. The seats were wonderful and the overall experience was sublime!

Tracey, South Africa (2015)

I have received my Wimbledon Debenture tickets today. It has been a great pleasure dealing with your company.

Jane, Yorkshire, UK (2015)

The tickets have arrived and all in order. May I thank you for the efficient service. Most helpful and straight forward…quite a contrast to my experience last year. If I had only know about WimbledonDebentureHolders.com!

Scot, Malaysia (2015)

Thanks so much for your great service. Very impressed I must say.

John, Australia (2015)

The tickets arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you for the follow up. An excellent service.

Kevin, Canada (2014)

Thank you to the whole team. My daughter and I had the experience of a lifetime at Wimbledon and we are extremely grateful for the part you played in it. The tickets you provided were perfect as were your services.

Oleg, Russia (2014)

I thank you very much for your professional services and help on organizing the visit to 2014 Wimbledon of my primer guests from Russia. It was a pleasure to deal with you on all the aspects of the matter and face great services and dedication.

David, Manchester, UK (2014)

I really do appreciate the professional, courteous and efficient way in which every aspect of my booking was handled. The day went like clockwork and we had a fabulous time.

Justin, South Africa (2014)

We so enjoyed the tennis and the seats and facilities were just magnificent. We got much more than we expected and managed to see Maria, Rafa, Novak and the crazy Aussie!!! Also Cilic, Raonic, Kerber and Bouchard. Just amazing. So well done on the organization and we hope to be back again. My wife and I just loved every minute. Debenture seats are the only way to go!

Elaine, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (2014)

Just thought I'd drop you a note to say how pleased we were with the service you provided. The seats were great, and we had a wonderful day! I would certainly use your company again, and would recommend it to others.

John, North Carolina, USA (2014)

At first, I was a little nervous dealing with a company I had not dealt with before, so that’s why I needed the tickets in hand as soon as possible. But you have been fabulous throughout the process and I will surely deal with you next year and in the future.

Jane, Merseyside, UK

I am delighted to confirm that the tickets have arrived!! My son and I are beside ourselves with excitement to be going to Wimbledon. Thanks to everyone at Wimbledon Debenture Holders for a very professional service throughout.

Taylor, Ontario, Canada

Our Wimbledon tickets arrived at the front door of our residence here in Ontario 15 minutes ago. All was in order. Many, many thanks for your prompt and most professional service.

Pen, North Yorkshire, UK

I would like to say a big 'thankyou' to all the people I have had contact with in buying our wimbledon tickets - thank you for your courtesy, your friendly help and your efficiency and for just being a really nice company to deal with.

Monica, Miami, USA (2011)

I booked my plane and hotel November 2011 and prayed I would win the January Wimbledon lottery. I didn't. Now what to do? After spending 100 hours researching on the internet, I chose to purchase debenture tickets from WDH. debenture tickets from any source are 10 times more expensive than lottery tickets, but WDH were the least expensive among all the vendors. And WDH provided great service, hassle free, speedy ticket delivery. I highly recommend WHD.

Sarah, USA (2011)

I want to express my sincere appreciation for everyone's assistance throughout my purchase of tickets for the Championships this year. From the start I received prompt responses and felt assured that my interests were being fully addressed. Attending Wimbledon was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will definitely be repeating. I had a lovely time and will heartily recommend your organization.

Tim, Oregon, USA

Debenture tickets aren't cheap, no matter where you buy them, but if you're willing to spring for the tickets, in my opinion you can't do better than get them from WimbledonDebentureHolders.com.

Kristi, Atlanta, USA

I was very pleased with your service on line, via email and over the phone. In addition to excellent customer service, you also had the best pricing we could find. I have to admit, I was a little nervous buying such expensive tickets on line but you came through and proved you were quite legitimate. If we are ever in need of Wimbledon tickets again, we will be sure to use you. Going to Wimbledon last year was a dream come true.

Chris, London, UK (2008)

I decided to purchase Wimbledon tickets for my son and a friend for his 21st birthday during the first week of Wimbledon 2008. I selected WimbledonDebentureHolders.com attracted by the web site and reassured after phoning the company and reviewing previous testimonials.

My son had a great time-so much so that my wife suggested (in a delicately yet firm manner!) that we should go the following week. I tried to book the men's semi finals but the only tickets available were from WDH who had a debenture holder who had lost their tickets but wished to sell them anyway. Understandably I was somewhat nervous but was reassured by WDH that Wimbledon had an established policy to cope (issuing fresh tickets at a special booth inside the ground stating that only these were valid and to ignore any other tickets). We went. It wasn't a problem. The tickets were great-straight opposite the Royal Box and under cover.

I have no hesitation in recommending this company if you want to purchase tickets and the whole "Wimbledon experience" has improved immeasurably since I went years ago with new bars and restaurant areas only for debenture holders and guides to show you around. A great day out!

Neil, Aberdeen, Scotland

Having bought my first ever Wimbledon tickets for the awesome and now legendary Men's 2008 final from WimbledonDebentureHolders.com, I have had absolutely no hesitation in buying from these guys again for this years final - my order is placed already! The tickets arrived when they said they would arrive and everything went like clockwork on match day. The team at WimbledonDebentureHolders.com have always been really easy and pleasant to deal with which adds complete piece of mind to the whole experience - I wish I'd known about them years ago!