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Andy Murray Is Smashing It – On And Off Court!

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March 17, 2020

In the last few days, we have been reminded of why everyone loves Sir Andy Murray.

He has determination and humour in equal measure and that’s why he is often seen as such a shining role model.

No wonder he commands so much affection. Something of a national treasure. And you can’t see that changing.

First, we heard from the ever-reliable Tim Henman that Murray is smashing it on the practice courts and feeling no pain.

That’s great news and a fitting reward for all his hard work and bouncebackability when the chips were down.

Then we saw Murray suffer constant ribbing from comedian Romesh Ranganathan during seven competitive holes of crazy golf for Sport Relief.

But Andy didn’t just win the match – he came up with the funniest lines too!

With his dry delivery and a straight face, there’s little doubt that Murray could carve out a career as a stand-up comedian if he wasn’t also pretty handy with a tennis racquet.

Asked how he felt about the prospect of having to wear a Spurs shirt if he lost the golf, he replied: ‘I’m not feeling that at all.’

Soon he added: ‘If you beat me I’ll get you some tickets for Wimbledon and if not I’ll never invite you.’

Hold that thought and let’s hear what Tim Henman had to say after watching Murray practise for real.

Henman revealed: ‘I was with Andy earlier in the week in London. He is really hitting the ball well and he is building his strength up all the time.

‘Seeing him on the practice court and seeing how much he’s enjoying himself…I think it’s incredibly impressive, especially considering what he has achieved in the game already.’

And Henman didn’t think Andy would need another hip operation any time soon.

He added: ‘Having watched him this week, he was definitely pain-free.

‘So I’d think at the moment that doesn’t seem necessary.’

Murray was in good spirits for Sport Relief and determined not to let Romesh get all the laughs.

When the comedian missed a putt, Andy was amusingly brutal. He said: ‘There we go…I don’t want you to make it really, do I?’

Asked if anyone shouted at Murray in the same way that Romesh used to get heckled on the comedy circuit, Andy answered: ‘Yeah. My mum.’

As expected, Murray had the edge in the crazy golf when it mattered.

Even so, Romesh was still hoping for a future invite to Wimbledon.

‘What’s the situation?’ he asked, hoping Murray had changed his mind about those free tickets one year, after all their fun together.

‘There isn’t a situation,’ Murray said hilariously. ‘You just don’t come.’

Andy literally got the last laugh as Romesh walked off in a Spurs shirt with “loser” printed on the back.

‘Like the shirt though,’ Murray told his opponent. ‘Got your name on the back as well.’

It was brilliant stuff. And all the funnier to see Murray being so mean. Because we know in reality he is such a nice guy.

So thanks for the great entertainment Andy! We’re so glad to hear you are pain-free and enjoying your stroke-play again.

Not sure we can say the same for Romesh.

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