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Caroline Wozniacki’s New Battle


May 21, 2014

Caroline Wozniacki has been left heartbroken by Rory McIlroy – just before the French Open and Wimbledon.

How will the former world number one cope with so much personal trauma just before the biggest tournaments of the European summer?

On February 10, in our “Happily Ever After” feature, we warned the couple that they had “better hurry up and marry before they split up again!

It was said partly in jest, but now that playful analysis has come painfully true.
Just after the wedding invitations were sent out, Rory realised he “wasn’t ready for all that marriage would entail”. In fact, since the couple have promptly split up, the suggestion must be that he was never going to be ready with Caroline.  They have separated before, of course, so let’s not entirely rule out a reunion. Yet it seems unlikely. When a woman’s wedding plans are torn asunder like this, it must be hard to cope with the public humiliation.
They were engaged on New Year’s Eve and in the end they didn’t hurry up and marry before they split up again. Perhaps Rory’s brave decision is just as well, though it may not seem like that right now to poor Caroline.
Rory would not have wanted to heap this much pain on someone whose company he has enjoyed for so long. He is a nice guy, as anyone who saw him at Wimbledon last year would confirm. Those who asked him to pose for a photograph with them were never disappointed, he was more than polite, he was warm and friendly.

We all know what a live-wire Caroline Wozniacki can be, so bubbly and full of life.

It is all such a shame, though perhaps not for Rory’s golf and Caroline’s tennis in the long run. Both saw their professional levels dip as they enjoyed their time together.
In the short term, however, it is hard to imagine how Wozniacki could get herself into the right place mentally in time for Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Time will tell.
We feel for her and send her our best wishes.
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