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Celebrities to look out for at Wimbledon 2017

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July 3, 2017

Who are we going to see at Wimbledon 2017…..off the court?

Sport has a wonderful power to embrace all peoples of the world regardless of age, creed or sex. Tennis is no exception to the rule. If anything, tennis fans span all walks of life from royalty, movie stars, elite athletes to mere mortals such as ourselves …..and politicians!

Wimbledon definitely provides the biggest draw of the famous (and infamous). It is not uncommon to be rubbing shoulders with A List celebrities who clearly have come to enjoy the unique excitement and spectacle that only this British Grand Slam can provide.

So who do we suspect will be taking their seats at SW19 this July?

Celebrities to look out for at Wimbledon 2017

  1. Hugh Jackman has to be a good bet. His recent Twitter challenge to Novak Djokovic could provide us all with a sighting of ‘The Wolverine’. We suspect the dress code will not allow for sharp ‘claws’ on this occasion though. https://twitter.com/RealHughJackman


  1. Whilst we are on the subject of ‘dress code’, we can expect Ben Stiller, a fanatical tennis fan, to grace the stands with his wife, Christine Taylor.


  1. One certainty has to be the presence of the Duchess of Cambridge. She has taken over the role as Wimbledon’s Patron from the Queen this year and is more than likely to be cheering on her tennis idols from the Royal Box. Kate plays regularly and has been quoted as saying it’s one of only two sports she can beat Prince William at. Perhaps Hugh Jackman should have challenged Kate as well….


  1. He may be one of the busiest sports icons on this planet but David Beckham is regularly seen sat amongst the general public at this sparkling event. Not overly fussed about being in the Royal box, ‘Becks’ often takes his folks and kids to Wimbledon for the day. Nothing too ‘Posh’ about our David.


  1. Sienna Miller

    regularly attends Wimbledon and to take the spectator lead on how to dress for the day. Ladies, if you ever need inspiration on ‘what to wear at Wimbledon’…….just look to Ms Miller. She may have ditched her ‘Boho Chic’ approach to fashion but has replaced it with her own sophisticated, yet casual style. We love your Wimbledon look Sienna…keep inspiring!


  1. Is it the tennis or the fact that Wimbledon draws US movie star Bradley Cooper to this English Grand Slam? Not content with starring in films together such as ‘Burnt’ and ‘American Sniper’, they both are regularly seen at SW19. We like to think that Sienna has done a good job on encouraging her American colleague to our shores to watch the best tournament in the world (with or without a ‘Hangover’!).


  1.  Shia LaBeouf & Sverrir Gudnason

    playing tennis at Wimbledon this year…..but rather than playing live on Centre Court we will see them on our Cinema screens later in 2017. The two actors are starring in the adaption of what, arguably, was the most iconic Wimbledon rivalry ever. Borg vs.McEnroe. LaBoeuf, a self confessed ‘Hippy’ claims to have had no interest in tennis until reading the script for the film………let’s hope he and his Swedish co-star get the opportunity to sit with the fans at SW19 this year and soak up some of the excitement felt by spectators in the late 70/early 80’s.


  1. John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg

    battle things out at the Wimbledon Championships this year, there is every chance of spotting them in the crowd. McEnroe has typically been giving audiences across the world his insightful and entertaining views of Wimbledon play from the BBC commentary box but last year was seen enjoying play from the Royal Box – for the first time ever! The ‘Cool Swede’ however, has taken a slightly more relaxed approach to the Tournament since retiring. The elegant Borg has graciously seen his Wimbledon record of an astonishing  5 tournament wins overtaken by Pete Sampras and then Roger Federer. Despite retiring from play at Grand Slam level, we are all delighted to see these 2 sports icons still enjoying themselves at their old battleground.

  1. They say sport and politics don’t mix, but this hasn’t deterred the ‘colourful’ Nicola Sturgeon from following in her predecessor, Alex Salmond’s, footsteps by waving the St Andrew’s flag in support of their fellow ‘countrymen’ playing at Wimbledon. As a staunch Scottish Nationalist, we should forgive Nicola for taking time out of her campaigning to come to Wimbledon this year…….particularly since Scottish ….or should we say ‘UK’ hopes are pinned on the Murray brothers to bring home the ‘Bling’. Irrespective of politics, we are sure Andy & Jamie will appreciate all support at Wimbledon…..be it Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish…..or even English!! Politics? What Politics?! It’s Wimbledon Nicola!

And finally………..who else might enjoy the excitement, glamour, ‘edge-of-your-seat’ theatre that only Wimbledon can deliver? How about YOU?!

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