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Could Murray and Serena Make It The Greatest Final Sunday Ever?


July 3, 2019

Andy Murray and Serena Williams have been tipped to reach the Mixed Doubles final together at Wimbledon.

This invites the following intriguing question: could the final Sunday at Wimbledon be the greatest ever?

Picture the scene on July 14. Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal could play Novak Djokovic in the men’s final.

Another classic on offer between two of the greatest of all time. How lucky are we?

But then something just as special might happen too. Andy Murray and Serena Williams could walk out for the Mixed Doubles final straight afterwards.

Just imagine it. Two more much-loved legends on show, all on the same day.

Surely that would make Sunday July 14 one of the most memorable in the history of tennis at indeed Wimbledon itself?

Sir Andy, the British hero, the man we thought we would never see again. And Serena, arguably the finest player ever to pick up a racquet. Winning at Wimbledon once more.

After a potential epic between, say, Roger and Novak!

Has tennis ever seen such an historic day of star-studded action?

Just in case anyone is doubting the possibility that Andy and Serena could go all the way, just listen to the old British star and pundit Greg Rusedski.

He tweeted: ‘I’m going to put it out there. Andy Murray and Serena Williams will win the mixed together this year. He couldn’t get a better partner.’

Some have doubted the durability Serena’s knees. But after her first singles win, she said simply:

‘The best I’ve felt since February.’

She also said of the mixed doubles, ‘I could use some more matches.’

Hardly the words of someone who feels her body is about to let her down under the weight of the schedule.

As for Andy, back after hip surgery, this is the best he has felt physically all year too. And very possibly the best he has felt for years before that, since he is finally free from pain.

Serena marvels at his fitness and determination. She explained: ‘We are a lot alike on the court, I’ve always liked that about him. His work ethic is just honestly off the charts. That’s something I’ve always respected about him. His fitness, everything.

‘To do what he has done in an era where there are so many other great make tennis players, so much competition, to rise above it, not many people have done it. He is actually one of the few.’

Serena is right. Not many have made their mark with Federer, Nadal and Djokovic around.

And that’s just the thing. On Sunday July 14, Andy Murray could still make his mark. Even with Federer, Nadal or Djokovic starring at Wimbledon.

Who knows, if their chemistry and showmanship develop from the first Thursday of Wimbledon onwards, Murray and Serena could even upstage the big three at times.

Williams respects Murray so much as a person. She pointed out: ‘There are so many things to be admired. Above all he really stands out, he really speaks up about women’s issues no matter what.

‘You can tell he has a really strong woman in his life. I think above all that is fantastic.’

Murray is looking forward to enjoying time with a really strong woman out on court too -Serena!

He explained: ‘Serena is obviously a brilliant player, she has a great double’s record and is brilliant on grass obviously. She’s arguably the best player ever. So, she’d be a solid partner.’

And now it is really happening. The dream is alive. And that means the ultimate tennis dream is also alive for that final Sunday, July 14.

Roger or Rafa, Novak, Serena, Andy. Yes, they really could all feature on that one magnificent finals day.

Now who would want to miss that?

featured image: ©TweedNews
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