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Jay Clarke Faces Federer Read Our Clarke Exclusive


July 4, 2019

At WDH we love our tennis and we focused on Jay Clarke weeks before he hit the big time by playing Roger Federer or partnering Coco Gauff at Wimbledon.

Check Out Our Exclusive Interview With Jay Clarke

We sat down with Jay Clarke the British No.5 for a special interview to find out more about him.

1/ Where does the recent experience at Wimbledon reaching the Semi Finals Mixed Doubles with Harriet Dart rank in your career achievements and experiences?

 Reaching the semi-finals of Wimbledon last year with Harriet ranks as my highest achievement to date. Harriet and I went into each match with the sole purpose of trying to execute our game and enjoy every moment. On most of the on-court pictures taken last year we were both smiling! We went from strength to strength; in each match and playing our quarter finals on centre court with my family in the crowd is a moment I will never forget.

 2/ Does this kind of success make all the hard work worthwhile?

 Absolutely. Tennis is a tough sport with sometimes more lows than highs so it’s important to enjoy successes and always keep striving for more.

 3/ Give us some idea of your training regime, does it vary from surface to surface? 

 Yes. During training blocks, I spend around 4-6 hours on court and 2 to 3 hours in the gym. My last three training blocks have been in the USA to help me better acclimatise to hot and humid conditions. Over the clay season my preparation focused more on eccentric loading in the gym and gaining a larger vo2 max base. Over the grass court phase my on-court work will focus more on shorter points in particular serve and return.

 4/ Is your target to make the top 100 singles this year or do you have other goals? 

 My target is to try and play main draw at the Australian Open 2020 which would put me at around 100 ATP. I also have goals to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and compete regularly on the ATP tour.

 5/ Is grass your favourite surface?

 Grass is one of my favourite surfaces. I prefer clay but my best results have come on hard courts!

 6/ Do you feel capable of winning a title this year? 

 I would love to win a title at Wimbledon, it’s a childhood dream of mine but I am aware of how difficult that is. For me it’s about taking it one match at a time and concentrating on the opponent in front of me.

 7/ Do you learn more from your defeats or your victories? 

 I try to take every match as a learning experience whether I win or lose. I am only 20 and my game is constantly adapting and evolving. My mindset is one of – if I’m learning I’m improving.

How interesting is that? Let’s hope we see Jay Clarke at The Wimbledon Championships this year. If you would like to attend Wimbledon 2019 Please check out our ticket page.

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