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Judy Murray Prepares To Boss Andy and Jamie

Locker Room

July 24, 2020

Judy Murray telling off Andy and Jamie. Let’s be honest, that’s what we all want to see next week.

That would really put a smile on our faces!

The Battle of the Brits is going to be great anyway. This time men and women make up the teams.

Andy Murray and Jo Konta on opposite sides. What a prospect!

But this is also a family story. Britain’s number one tennis family. Judy is officially the boss. Andy and Jamie are her players.

This is too good a chance to miss. We’re unlikely to see a repeat performance at Wimbledon 2021!

Never slow to capture the humour of a moment, Judy Murray has already laid down the law.

She tweeted: ‘Looking forward to captaining the Union Jacks with Greg Rusedski and to telling Jamie and Andy what to do. It’s been a while.’

Jamie wasn’t slow to react. He admitted: ‘I’m looking forward to seeing what my mum’s got up her sleeve, see if she’s as good a coach as everyone thinks she is.’

Did he nearly say ‘as good as she thinks she is’ ?Perhaps we just imagined that.

Before anyone takes us too seriously, we know Judy Murray is a fantastic coach.

We know she isn’t really a ‘pushy mum,’ as she ironically labels herself on Twitter.

Everyone can see how superb she has been for her sons. She knows when to take a back seat, when to encourage, when to express a timely opinion.

And we don’t necessarily imagine there will be good reason for Judy to admonish her sons for their tactics and attitude on court.

They generally know what’s what when it comes to tennis. That’s why they’re multiple Grand Slam champions.

It is much more likely that Judy will simply make the odd astute point, using a perspective she has gained from many decades of clever coaching.

But since it is Friday and we’re feeling a bit frivolous, can we say once more what so many are thinking?

The three Murrays working in perfect harmony is not what we want to see. Not all the time, anyway!

We want showmanship, we want a bit of pantomime. A manufactured argument between mum and kids would be fun.

A blazing row would go down even better. You don’t have to mean it. In fact we know you won’t.

If Judy can’t find a real reason to tell her sons off, we hope she invents one.

Go on Judy, we dare you.

Sure, the tennis is going to be great. Andy Murray and Jo Konta on opposite sides.

Konta, working now with Maria Sharapova’s old coach Thomas Hogstedt. Will we see a difference in her game and mentality yet?

Union Jacks v British Bulldogs. Even better than the scintillating all-male affair won by Dan Evans a few weeks ago.

The women taking part as well. That always makes a tennis event complete.

Much as we love Jo Konta, Heather Watson and the other British players, though, it could be the Union Jacks co-captain who steals the show.

Judy Murray, make sure you really do show us all who is boss – just this once.

Like we said, Wimbledon 2021 won’t provide another chance. Maybe nowhere will!

Judy doesn’t mind a bit of slapstick comedy when working with her fictional son Duncan, after all.

This time we want to see her reading the riot act to her real sons.

To see her tearing a strip off Andy Murray, the two-time Wimbledon singles champion, would be so funny.

And if Jamie steps in to defend his little brother, we want to see Judy putting the event organiser in his place too.

Who will win the team event? On paper you would think that Judy, Andy and Jamie should emerge triumphant.

Particularly when  the Union Jacks also boast Heather Watson and British number one Dan Evans.

But Kyle Edmund, Konta and their experienced co-captains Leon Smith and Anne Keothavong will be plotting other scenarios on behalf of the British Bulldogs.

Jamie Murray sees this as a chance for some of the youngsters to shine too.

‘I’m interested to see Emma Raducanu. Also Anton Matusevich and Aidan McHugh, to see if they can hold their own against Kyle, Dan and Cam (Norrie).

With thirteen players named in each team, this is showtime for so many.

But for many of us, the most fascinating moments next week will see Captain Judy telling her sons exactly what’s what and making them keep quiet and listen.

Please, Judy. Don’t hold back. Make us smile.

Who will win the battle of the Murrays? Anyone betting against Judy had better think again.

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