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Murray Starts To Look The Part – Now For Edmund

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June 26, 2018

Andy Murray’s ruthless disposal of triple Grand Slam winner Stan Wawrinka has caused many to declare him fit for a serious assault on Wimbledon next week.

But the truth is that Murray will only really know how fit and ready for Wimbledon he is after he faces fellow Brit Kyle Edmund.

It was a terrific performance agaiinst Wawrinka, as the 6-1, 6-3 scoreline suggests.


Yet Stan isn’t quite the man he was these days. He too is only just coming  back from injury and suffering from major ring rust.

Neither does he particularly like grass as a surface.

That’s not to diminish the achievement of the Scot in winning his first tennis match in a year.


And even the previous defeat to Nick Kyrgios told us that Murray was getting back in the groove, though some of the hyperbole around his tennis that day was bordering on the ridiculous.

We would all love to see Murray at Wimbledon and if he carries on like this he may well be there.

But as Murray himself says: ‘I haven’t decided yet because I don’t have to.’


Murray knows it is the match against Kyle Edmund and its after-effects that will tell the true story.

The signs are encouraging. But Kyrgios was a showboating friend and Wawrinka was short of match fitness.

Edmund is a friend too. But Kyle will want to show that his ranking above Murray is something he is capable of protecting – even after Murray is well and truly back.

This will be a proper match. It would be truly extraordinary if Murray beats Edmund so soon but we shouldn’t expect it.


If he even comes close and feels OK later though, tbat might be enough to confirm Andy’s Wimbledon participation.

If he is soundly beaten by Kyle or feels the after-effects severely, he may feel he would struggle to make tbe second week of Wimbledon and therefore pull out so he can fight another day.

It will be a fascinating match and an intriguing day, for all that rests on it.


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