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…Novak and Grigor Up First On Fantastic Friday…Federer And Raonic To Follow!

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July 3, 2014

Novak Djokovic against Grigor Dimitrov will be the first semi-final on Centre Court on Friday, starting at 1pm.

It promises to be a scintillating match. And although Novak is number one seed, few see him as a clear favourite after what Dimitrov did to Andy Murray.

The legendary Roger Federer will face Milos Raonic in the second semi-final on Centre Court on Friday afternoon.

Raonic looks incredibly strong and the elegant Federer will need to strike early to give himself the best chance to go for his eighth Wimbledon title on Sunday. With both matches so hard to predict, it is small wonder that tickets are like gold dust for these remaining, extra special days.

Imagine the rich theatre of a Federer v Djokovic final! Could anything be more enticing?

But don’t be surprised to see Dimitrov and Raonic fighting it out on Sunday for the right to put a new name on the trophy and make their own piece of history..

This fantastic Friday will tell us all we need to know about the eventual finalists.  Like you, we’ll be loving every second as the drama unfolds.

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