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What would be the perfect Grand Slam results for tennis in 2016?

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January 4, 2016


There were some truly dramatic moments in 2015 for tennis-lovers everywhere.

But as we enter the New Year, what would make 2016 even more perfect?

Here’s how we see it:

1/ Andy Murray Wins Australian Open

After coming close so many times, it would make a wonderful start to the New Year to see Andy Murray win the Australian Open.

That would leave him with only Roland Garros still to conquer, in order to achieve that much-vaunted Career Slam to go with his Olympic and Davis Cup titles.

2/ Simona Halep Wins Australian Open

The plucky little Romanian is due a first Grand Slam triumph – and she has been a quarter-finalist in Melbourne for the last two years. It would be great to see her go all the way this time around – and it could happen if she returns to her best after a good long rest.

3/ Novak Djokovic Wins French Open

The popular Serb nearly realised his dream of a Career Slam at Roland Garros in 2015, but came unstuck against the all-out attack of Stan Wawrinka. It would be fitting if Djokovic could win that elusive title in 2016 – and few would say he doesn’t deserve that rare distinction after the superb sportsmanship he showed in defeat there last summer.

4/ Serena Williams Wins French Open

Sure, Serena has done it before, as recently as last year. But tennis historians would dearly love to see her take one more step towards Steffi Graf’s total of 22 Slams in the modern era. So what better place for the formidable Williams to restore her confidence than Paris?

5/ Roger Federer Wins Wimbledon

Even many Brits would love to see the great Federer triumph at Wimbledon one last time, and take his extraordinary total of Slams to 18. If Djokovic has just won the French at last, maybe the Serb’s euphoria will play into Federer’s hands and the elegant Swiss can hold his nerve to take the Wimbledon crown once more.

6/ Maria Sharapova Wins Wimbledon

It would be a genuine tear-jerker if Maria Sharapova were to beat Serena Williams again at last, some 12 years after she achieved the feat on the hallowed grass of Centre Court. Surely sooner or later Serena’s dominance over Sharapova has to come to an end? Maybe this could be the year – and it would bring the women’s singles to a perfect climax if Maria downed Serena in the final.

7/ Rafa Nadal Wins US Open

Having been written off as yesterday’s man, and told it is unlikely that he will ever win another Grand Slam, how amazing would it be to watch Rafael Nadal prove everyone wrong with a stunning upset at Flushing Meadows? The world would cheer on the legendary Rafa in the final stages, having already delighted in Federer’s Wimbledon glory a few weeks earlier.

8/ Serena Williams Wins US Open

After failing at Flushing Meadows last year, glory for Serena Williams in the last Grand Slam event on the calendar would create an historic end to an action-packed year. If Serena takes the French and US Opens, she will equal Steffi Graf’s record of 22 Grand Slams. And that will leave her with just two more still to get, in order to equal Margaret Court. What a way to look ahead to 2017 that would be…


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