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What Is The Perfect Wimbledon 2017 Women’s Final?

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June 26, 2017

Who do you want to see in the women’s final at Wimbledon 2017? Which match-up would make for the most drama and really tug at the heart-strings, as well as bringing gasps of delight at the sheer quality of the tennis?

We’ve thought of one or two magnificent clashes, that could bring tears to the eyes, whichever woman finally comes out on top. Let’s keep you in suspense for a few lines more.

The women’s singles is more deliciously unpredictable than ever before. And the tennis is going to be all the more entertaining and fascinating due to that uncertainty.

But we can still speculate over who would have to reach the women’s final at Wimbledon 2017 to make it the perfect climax to what is always an action-packed event.

The Brits will be hoping that their own favourite, Johanna Konta recaptures her best form and manages to go all the way. There would be an incredible atmosphere on Centre Court if that happens.

Neutrals might point to Konta’s feisty conqueror a few days ago, Coco Vandeweghe, as a genuine contender this year.

The American often seems to make a big impact before running out of steam in the last few days of a Grand Slam fortnight. But if she can maintain her momentum and believe in herself, Vandeweghe has the firepower to take down any high-flying star.

However, there are two or three women whose presence in the Wimbledon final this summer would mean that something really special was about to unfold.

The first of these is the 20-year-old whose bubbly brilliance and reluctance to accept a line call makes her pure box office.

We are talking of course about Jelena Ostapenko, the young woman who hits a forehand harder than Andy Murray and turned the tennis world upside down with her shock triumph at the French Open.

Can Ostapenko go all the way at Wimbledon? Why not? She won Junior Wimbledon a few years back, she says she loves grass, counts it as one of her very best surfaces, and will have enjoyed a healthy rest following her exertions on clay.

To see the raw power of Ostapenko at Wimbledon this year is a truly mouthwatering prospect. Spectators will be shocked by how much speed the little Latvian can generate when she times the ball perfectly.

She is a force of nature with an irrepressible character, and she could become the new darling of Wimbledon over the next few weeks.

So who do you throw in against the diminutive Ostapenko, to make it the most dramatic visual contrast and a battle that seems on the face of it to defy physical logic? A giant of the game, of course.

Step forward Petra Kvitova, twice Wimbledon champion already, but this year admired and loved like never before.

If she can get over the abdominal injury that forced her out of Eastbourne so soon after winning Birmingham, she could go far on sheer adrenalin at Wimbledon.

Kvitova won Wimbledon in 2011 and 2014, but in December she was stabbed in her playing hand by an intruder at her home.

‘I thought I might never play tennis again,’ she admitted. But after long weeks of frustration turned into months of rehabilitation, Kvitova has returned and shown enough resolve to make her a Wimbledon contender once more.

How the crowd would love it if Kvitova could turn adversity into triumph in little more than six months.

But if Petra can’t quite get over that abdomninal problem, how about Venus Williams as the prefect adversary for Ostapenko?

One of the greatest legends of our sport still to playing big-time tennis, Venus has enjoyed a surprising resurgence this year, and could yet go all the way at Wimbledon.

Ostapenko against Venus would be every bit as amazing as Ostapenko against Kvitova. Or how about Petra against Venus, a battle of the giants?

Any two from these three players would make for a perfect Wimbledon final in our view.

Let’s not forget all the other great female tennis players still knocking on the Wimbledon door, too.

Angelique Kerber will fancy her chances. Denied in the past by Serena Williams, Kerber would dearly love to take advantage of Serena’s absence.

The idea of Ostapenko, the ballroom dancer and Kerber, the German battler firing huge shots at each other in a Wimbledon final is no less attractive.

And who wouldn’t be intrigued if Eugenie Bouchard, the young Canadian who hit the headlines earlier this year for dating one of her fans, made it through to blast it out with Ostapenko in the big showpiece?

There are so many possible twists and turns, all of them potentially pleasing. That’s the beauty of women’s tennis right now – it is so wide open and exciting.

Whatever happens, the women’s singles promises so much. And if you’re really lucky, you can be in the crowd on Centre Court for the biggest occasion in world tennis.


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