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Pumped Roger Federer Could Play Dan Evans

Locker Room

March 7, 2021

Roger Federer was like a kid with new toy as he flew back into the world of tennis.

In the case of the Wimbledon legend, that new toy was the gift of physical fitness.

No wonder he wanted to thank everyone who had helped him to get back on the road.

Behind the scenes, it has been a careful, patient path back to the limelight.

Federer and Wimbledon both know what that feels like!

Oh Roger, it’s been a while!

The constant longing will make the reunion even more irresistible.

The relationship between Federer and the Centre Court fans is a passion that simply can’t be put into words.

There has been so much drama over many glorious years. Moving defeats, unforgettable triumphs.

We can’t wait to see Federer at Wimbledon 2021.

The sheer joy of that moment will become a unique memory for everyone lucky enough to be there. And that memory will last a lifetime.

The king of the grass courts will glide effortlessly around his favourite arena. Poetry in motion.

Centre Court will rise to his magic like never before.

After Wimbledon 2021, there is no guarantee we will ever see this mesmerising great again.

He knows the good times won’t last forever. And he is determined to savour and enjoy every second of his last big year.

You could see it in his eyes as he filmed that little piece on his mobile phone at the airport.

You could hear it in Federer’s words. ‘I’m very excited. It’s been a long and hard road. I know I’m not at the finish line yet but it’s good.

‘I feel I’m in a good place. I’ve been practising very well and I just feel really pumped up.’

The last time we saw Federer so excited after a long lay-off was Australia in 2017. He promptly floated around Melbourne and won the Australian Open!

If Federer wins Wimbledon 2021, it will be one of the most iconic moments in sporting history.

And why shouldn’t he? Roger came so close last time.

These Championships are simply unmissable.

First things first and a British subplot. When Federer arrived at his destination this weekend, he practised with none other than Britain’s Dan Evans.

The same Dan Evans who might be Roger’s opening opponent in Doha.

Dan the Man loves Federer like the rest of us. But he won’t quietly play the supporting role if that match-up proves to be the curtain-raiser on Federer’s long-awaited comeback.

First Evans must beat the in-form Jeremy Chardy. Roger can relax with a first-round bye.

Except that Federer is too excited to feel totally relaxed right now. Like the rest of us, he is far too in love with tennis and far too ‘pumped’ at the prospect of his return.

Whatever happens in Doha, we should all remember this is just a stepping stone.

Everything in Federer’s mind is geared to Wimbledon 2021.

That’s when he wants to hit peak form and fitness.

Everything points to the All England Club.

The historic reunion between the king of tennis and his adoring court.

Who wouldn’t want to be there?

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