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Serena Williams Signs Up For US Open

US Open

June 18, 2020

Serena Williams has confirmed she will play the US Open on August 31.

‘I can’t wait to return to New York,’ she said. ‘It’s over six months since a lot of us have played professional tennis. I’ll miss the crowd but I’m excited.’

Meanwhile the ATP and WTA have announced their tour schedules for the rest of the year.

The French Open begins on September 27. Two Slams in as many months. Madrid and Rome among other events before the French. How exciting is all that?

Sure, things are coming in a strange order this year. But the return to action is another big step towards big-time tennis getting back to normal.

Another joyful development along the path towards Wimbledon 2021.

The crowds will return in good time. In Serbia they already have, as we saw last weekend.

So with a wonderful 2021 awaiting us all, let’s just savour every move in the right direction.

Serena Williams signing up for a Grand Slam. Her excitement just gives us all a little thrill, doesn’t it?

The WTA tour returns with the Palermo Ladies Open on August 3. Not long to wait now!

The ATP tour restarts with a 500 tournament in Washington on August 14. The build-up to the next Slam is about to begin!

The US Open won’t be its usual raucous self this year. The crowds will have to wait for next year before they can flock back to Flushing Meadows.

But the thought of a tennis superstar going in search of more Grand Slam history just puts a smile on our faces.

Serena is so close to equalling Margaret Court’s all-time record of 24 Slams. Could she equal that record at her home major?

Sister Venus just celebrated her fortieth birthday and she is still going strong. At 38 Serena is just a baby by comparison!

Sometimes in sport everything suddenly falls into place at a tournament. The field opens up. You find the right form. The momentum grows.

Wimbledon champion Simona Halep has expressed doubts about playing the US Open. So has former Wimbledon junior champion Ashleigh Barty.

If two of the world’s best players don’t show up, it isn’t exactly going to be a disadvantage to Serena and her chances.

Sure, it’s a tall order for anyone to win the US Open. But for Serena, anything is possible.

The main thing is that she’s back in business. Back in the big time.

Maybe that hunt for Grand Slam glory will bring Serena even more historic riches at Wimbledon 2021.

Could she equal Margaret Court’s record in New York, Melbourne or Paris and then actually beat that record on the grass of south-west London?

Could Serena make Wimbledon 2021 the most dramatic of her entire career?

Time will tell. But now we can start dreaming of those emotional scenes once more.

Serena Williams all in white, jumping and pirouetting with the thrill of achieving her goal at last. That sparkling Serena smile. Tears of triumph and relief.

It really could happen.

Wimbledon is just a year away now. A year of keen anticipation. A year of careful planning for the fans’ return.

As usual, everything at Wimbledon 2021 will be geared towards looking after the players and the lucky spectators.

Fun for all and memories to last a lifetime!

For the US Open this year, the action will be consumed from afar. But it will still fascinate tennis fans the world over.

Just imagine the sheer ecstasy of actually attending a Grand Slam again, though.

Wimbledon 2021 may well prove to be the best ever.

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