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What Five Lessons Can We Learn From The Australian Open?

Australian Open

January 31, 2019

Well done the Australian Open, another fantastic tournament!

So what lessons did we learn from the Australian Open, 2019?

I think we can make this short and sweet:

5/ Racquet-smashing Sascha Zverev still has a little growing up to do.

“Smasher” Zverev won the year-end finals but still hasn’t cracked the Slams. Maybe he needs to control those tantrums a bit better, and crack fewer racquets.

He is still great box office though! Zverev will win a Slam in the end.

4/ Stefanos Tsitsipas is improving fast and can go all the way.

To reach the semi-finals at the age of 20 was impressive. More work on that second serve and he will be there.

Like Zverev, the kid has amazing charisma and star quality.

3/ Serena Williams needs to “go psycho” to close out matches.

The greatest of all time cannot be losing from 5-1 and match point at her age. Time to get mean, tennis queen! She told us in her own words she needs to “go psycho” to close out.

After all, we want to see a Serena v Osaka rematch some day soon. Wimbledon 2019 would be a great venue!

2/ Naomi Osaka is no one-Slam wonder.

The new superstar of tennis showed that her US Open triumph over Serena Williams is no flash in the pan. These Grand Slam triumphs could become a regular thing.

Might she even catch Serena’s 23 Slams one day? Not impossible!

1/ Novak Djokovic is the most complete tennis player of all time.

It may pain the fans of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to say it, but Novak Djokovic is probably the greatest player the tennis world has ever seen.

He doesn’t have the elegance of Federer, he doesn’t have the power of Nadal. But he can pick both men apart with his ruthless precision, his icy aggression, his incredible defence and unmatched elasticity.

There are no weak points when Novak Djokovic is in the zone.

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