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Why Centre Court Is Still The Greatest

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June 7, 2019

There is nowhere in the world like Wimbledon’s Centre Court.

There is only one Centre Court, one royal box, one true cathedral of tennis.

It is, quite simply, the spiritual home of our beautiful sport.

You can feel the history. The atmosphere is even more special because of what has unfolded there before.

The greatest victories. The finals. The tears of triumph and despair. They haven’t gone away. They are still there, you can feel them in the Centre Court air.

It’s not just the history that makes Centre Court unbeatable. It’s the glamour, too.

Take last year, and the fusion between royalty and Hollywood.

Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex, turned up with the Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton.

The royal box is nearly always peppered with celebrities, as are many of the seats beyond.

This is the beauty of a ticket with Wimbledon Debenture Holders. You never know who will be sitting close by!

In 2018 we spotted Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Damian Lewis watching the tennis on Centre Court, having made sure their movie schedules were free. Hollywood superstar Woody Harelson was there too.

Dame Maggie Smith added even more class to the film-star feel, as did Emma Watson and Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer.

From the world of music, we saw Justin Timberlake, Drake, Stormzy, Dame Shirley Bassey and many more.

All these megastars, happy to join the Centre Court crowd and let the greatest tennis players become the centre of attention instead.

And on Centre Court, you have that in common with royalty and celebrities. They are part of the audience, just like you.

They react to the greatest shots and the most spectacular sporting theatre as fans, just like you.

The history and the glamour, these qualities ensure that Centre Court is the place to be.

And a third quality becomes apparent when you take the short walk down the corridor from your favourite restaurant to your Centre Court seat.  That quality is intimacy.

What other sporting cathedral manages to achieve it? The nearness of everything. That’s what creates the intimacy. The restaurants so near to your seat, your seat so close to the sacred grass.

You could almost be walking into your back garden. And yet this is the world-famous home of tennis.

Despite the fact that thousands of people are sitting on Centre Court for every match, you feel special as the holder of a debenture ticket.

The intimacy embraces you, and puts you in the mood for the most important matches in world tennis.

Why is there nowhere like Centre Court? When you are there, you know there is no place you would rather be.

That’s why Centre Court is the greatest. Please check Centre Court availability and prices here.

By Mark Ryan

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