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Wimbledon 2021 News Updates

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December 3, 2020

Wimbledon 2021.

Wimbledon can start to look forward to the return of spectators at long last. And Wimbledon debenture ticket holders will be at the front the queue. That’s because they will be given the highest priority.

The British government’s Health Minister, Matt Hancock has pointed to the return of the good times, thanks to the millions of vaccinations already happening.

‘I want us to enjoy a great British summer,’ he said refreshingly.

And nothing epitomises the great British summer more than Wimbledon – the jewel in the crown.

Realistically there could still be reduced spectator numbers at Wimbledon 2021, though. And that will make debenture tickets even more important.

If you want to be sure of seeing the biggest stars do battle on the famous Wimbledon lawns again, the wisest move you can make is to buy tickets from us.

The likes of Roger Federer and Serena Williams will welcome the return of spectators to Centre Court. They’ll hope the adoring fans can create an extra-special, intimate atmosphere. After all, Wimbledon 2021 could be their last big appearance at the spiritual home of tennis.

Spectators will make Andy Murray’s Wimbledon 2021 much better too. He admitted to feeling flat without the crowds during his last few matches on tour.

The vaccine is here.

Thankfully, the UK government is now on course to facilitate the return of spectators to Wimbledon.

Tens of millions of British citizens are to be vaccinated in the coming months. The UK was the first in the world to roll out the vaccines, and that will help keep Wimbledon spectators safe.

The more people vaccinated, the higher the number of spectators likely to be allowed into Wimbledon for the long-awaited Championships too.

Quarantine time.

Quarantine time for international travellers to the UK is currently ten days. And you need a negative covid test within the previous 72 hours before you travel.

If you pay for a fresh covid test five days after your arrival in the UK, and that test comes back negative, you can effectively halve your quarantine time.

The current period of self-isolation could also be reduced by the time the summer Championships come along. By then, most people in the UK will have been vaccinated. As a result, we expect travelling to be much more convenient. In short, life should be easier for tennis fans coming into the UK for Wimbledon 2021.

The great British summer will be enjoyed by everyone this year. The game-changing vaccines and warmer temperatures will help the Championships to become a shining celebration once more.

Murray, Federer and Serena will be able to bow out in front of an appreciative audience, assuming Wimbledon 2021 does indeed prove to be their last.  All three will love and cherish the unique intimacy of Wimbledon 2021.

All England Lawn Tennis Club.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club was understandably cautious last year when they announced their provisional plans for Wimbledon 2021. They said at the time: ‘The AELTC is pleased to provide an update on The Championships 2021.

‘We are actively engaged in planning for next year’s Championships.

‘We are considering multiple operational scenarios at this point in time, given there are many months until Wimbledon Fortnight.

‘These scenarios fall into three broad categories. A full capacity Championships, a reduced capacity Championships and a Championships behind closed doors.

‘These are all dependent on the status of the government and public health guidelines.’

The All England Club will of course choose the right moment to update us regarding spectators at Wimbledon 2021. They will be quietly covering every safety angle to ensure that tennis fans can enjoy their experience to the full. That’s why we love the All England Club. They are super-responsible and, frankly, super-cool in pretty much everything they do.

But we feel the most likely scenario will be that a reduced number of spectators will watch Wimbledon 2021, making for a gloriously intimate atmopshere.

Debenture Priority.

Debenture tickets are recognised as priority seating on Centre Court and No1 Court. We can’t emphasise this enough. So those with the foresight to buy debenture tickets will feel they can safely start to look forward to the big event already.

Click here to view tickets for next year’s championships.

If you would like to enquire about tickets for Wimbledon 2021 or have any questions then click here to get in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wimbledon 2021.

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