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Wimbledon: Time To Imagine Being There.


May 10, 2019

Wimbledon awaits.

They’re already on the clay and soon it’ll be our turn, our surface.

The grass, so freshly mown you can smell it.

The days are getting longer, glorious English summer evenings are just around the corner.
There is nothing in the world like a London summer.

Nothing in tennis like Wimbledon.

The cathedral of our sport, something almost spiritual. Strawberries and cream, so good they’re almost sensual.

Can you picture yourself at the gates to the greatest club of all?

Not that long queue, no, you have a debenture ticket, you’re special. This way, a quick bag-check and you’re in!

There are no words to describe the excitement you feel as you enter the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club and join the happy buzz. There is no place on earth that any of these people would rather be.

And yet already you harbour an extra, hidden pleasure because you know your ticket will take you to places most of them can’t go. The exclusive, intimate restaurants and bars overlooking the courts. And the best seats in the house. What would others give, to be in your shoes?

For now, just enjoy the energy of the Wimbledon grounds as the green grabs you. The stunning, rich green of the outer courts. You will often find them sprinkled with stars.

The towering magnificence of Centre Court stands before you, the outer walls draped in floral beauty. Feel the history within, starting to draw you in, calling you. Epic battles fought on still summer nights, a perfect silence, the tension and dignity, then the cheers.

Those special Wimbledon cheers, born on a gasp, disbelief then delight, the noise rising like a wave, until you feel the sheer ecstasy of being there.

Then, that dignified silence once more. Renewed anticipation.

This is Wimbledon.

Gladiators in white achieve the impossible.

And you are there, you are actually there, among the most privileged of all.

You are so close to the action.

The ruthless precision of Djokovic, the brutal power of Nadal, the mesmerising elegance of Federer.

Fierce and agile women too, ferocity increasing. For to win Wimbledon, you must still out-warrior Serena, who has shown us all what it means to fight.

Will you be lucky enough to see one of these tennis giants on your chosen day?

The second great arena, No1 Court, is also worthy of the finest gladiators in every way, the and now comes complete with a retractable roof too.

Which will you choose, Centre or No1? Historic or funky?

Wimbledon loves tradition but, like the greatest players, it never seems to stand still.

Innovation is brilliantly embraced to enhance our enjoyment. No summer showers can beat the action on either of these gorgeous show courts any more. The players rule supreme.

The party goes on, come what may, your pleasure guaranteed.

And when all is said and done, the tennis battles lost and won, you will leave a winner.

For you will have memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Tickets are available, click here to purchase the best seats in the house.



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