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Archive: Nov 2017

“Baby Fed” Dimitrov Comes of Age

Grigor Dimitrov isn’t “Baby Fed” any more. He is finally a star in his own right. But how many of us saw this one coming? The first debutant to win the year-end finals this century, Dimitrov always had it in him somewhere. The talent was never in doubt. That’s why the smouldering Bulgarian was likened […]

RIP Jana Novotna – The Human Face of Sport

Wimbledon will never forget Jana Novotna, who has died of cancer at the age of 49. Her tears splashed onto a special page in the tennis history books. They didn’t smudge or stain that page, they only enhanced the beauty of the Wimbledon story. Those tears left a lasting and touching reminder of something we all too easily forget – that sport is […]

Federer In A Kilt…And Murray Is Back

Roger Federer and Andy Murray played tennis for the sheer joy if it in Glasgow – and thrilled 11,000 fans on a riotous night of fun. One of those fans even took her kilt off, so that Federer could play a game wearing it. He promptly won that game with ease, on the way to […]